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November 22, 2011
Self-Hypnosis Audio To Heighten Your Intuition
Where Miracles and Magic Reside 5th in a 6 series workshop
Class fee $45.00

This class will teach you to have a more direct line to your intuitive and psychic energy. GETTING THE LIFE YOU ARE MEANT TO HAVE.

We will start out will goal setting (SERIOUS GOAL SETTING possibly for your first time). And using those guidelines to create your SCRIPT.

This class will not have trance work and it will be held around the dining room table. If you have a laptop I encourage you to bring it. It's much easier to transfer that later to your self-accelerated MP3 (final class).

Due to the nature of this work. I ask you NOT to attend unless you are ready for an intense workshop of real soul searching. You will learn the WORDS to use to finally get to your true peace and happiness. But it will be a hard working class.

I also ask you to PREPARE for this class by have filling out the paperwork I will send you via regular email. And TRUST. Trust in each other. This group WILL continue to bring each other into psychic intentions faster than doing it alone.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF YOUR INTENTION TO COME. I am looking for a very small intimate group. I know the universe will put you together.

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